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"It is never too late to give up."

Translation:Det er aldri for sent å gi opp.

September 2, 2015



Wow, is is totally just what I need to motivate me to continue learning this language.


One day, I was considering quitting my daily practice, because my life was getting busy. I opened Duolingo to practice, and the first sentence I got was: "Du tenker ikke klart." So I told myself I'd keep going. Thank Duo I didn't get THIS sentence!


Would it be incorrect to say 'det er aldri for sent for å gi opp'?


Why can't you say "for å gi opp"???


Because that would mean "it is never too late for the purpose of giving up", which sounds as weird in Norwegian as it does in English.


So, I take it "gi opp" is used in Norwegian the same way "give up" is used in English (it's kinda a weird expression in either language if you think about it too much). I tried to use "å slutte" instead of "å gi opp", since we learned that verb in the previous unit, but DL marked it wrong.

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