"Ĉu ili havas projekton por nova klubo?"

Translation:Do they have a project for a new club?

September 2, 2015

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According to reta-vortaro: projekto (design document, draft, technical specification)

It seems like "project" may be a false friend.


I'm going to suggest that you check some other dictionaries. The four I checked (my usual go-tos whenever I have a question; the CEED, the PIV, Butler's Esperanto ->English, and Wells' 2-way) all include some sense of plan of action or idea to be made or whatever. Even Andreo Cseh's amusing little Konversacia vortaro includes the definition "tion kion mi faras".

Granted, I'm something of a luddite when it comes to dictionaries, but I like to pencil in the margins on occasion. Something a bit more difficult with electronic books.


I agree that projekto can be translated as a plan. My concern is that a project is not a plan.

project - an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

plan - a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

This exercise gives "Do they have a project for a new club?" as the English version. I think it confuses project with plan and the English version should use plan. Because I work in IT, I am also comfortable talking about designs and specifications as plans.


Actually, after rereading the statement, and your comments, I find myself thinking, "Like a class project?" ("Okay, everybody, let's make our models of … the human gastro-intestinal system!!") Which would be something a large percentage of the club is doing, for whatever reason. (Nia kluba projekto estos fari Esperanto <> Klingono vortaro. Ilia kluba projekto estos fari novan klubon.) Otherwise, the E word we should be looking for here is plano.

So I will call this a good call on your part and suggest that you try to contact the Esperanto Editors here and make your suggestions to them.


My reading of the exercise is that there is already a new club and now they are looking for a project that the club could undertake. Are you saying that the inquiry is about having a plan to create a new club? Perhaps the preposition por is misleading and should be al for the former and pri for the latter interpretation.


He spoke it so fast I thought it was something about Cuba. :(


Mi pensis ke li diris "ĉuij li havas..." Mi sciis ke devas esti io alia, sed kio?


Mi neniam antaŭe vidis la vorto ĉuij. Iam mi aŭdas la i sonon antaŭ li la unua konjekto estas ili, krom tie kie alia vorto taŭgus.

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