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  5. "Kiom da taskoj li faris?"

"Kiom da taskoj li faris?"

Translation:How many tasks has he done?

September 2, 2015



Has anybody tried "Chores" here yet?


Murder???! Dun dun dunnnn


"How many of the jobs has he done?" is right so why is "How many of the tasks has he done?" wrong?


Did you report it? Duo does have humans working the database, and sometimes obvious things get left out.


I reported a couple of other things but, in retrospect, may have been mistaken in those cases so decided not to be presumptuous this time around. I guess that was also a mistake... One of these days I'll learn from them.


They check out your report, and if you are wrong it disappears into a black hole. But if you are right, then you get a nice little note thanking you for improving the program.


"how many of the jobs" should translate as "kiom de la taskoj", not "kiom da taskoj"


Ok, which of the accusative do I not fully understand here? Why not taskojn....someone is doing something? No? Ok , forget i asked, da is a preposition. Also i am a muppet. That is all!


Kial vi ne demandas de Herkulo mem?

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