Auto login

Is there any way to send login variables to the url or otherwise, so that students can be logged in automatically?

For example:"userid" & pass="password"

September 2, 2015


No, you cannot do it that way. What they can do is log in to their account and remain logged in (if it is their device they are using). Are you having issues when it comes to them logging in?

There's a couple of issues. Basically, I just want to simplify things and I also want to make our students' duolingo accounts more secure.

Our students already log in to an LMS (moodle based) and rather than them having to log in again to duolingo it would be good to just have a link which automatically uses their existing login credentials in some way.

And having them remain logged in isn't such a good idea for us either. Most of our students are kids and will do most of their practice on shared computers, and quite a lot of them wouldn't always remember to log out or think about the next person having accidental access to their account. So, a timed logout - after 5-10 minutes or so of inactivity - or even a forced logout when they close the browser window would work much better. It would be good if such options were available.

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