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  5. "Du må ikke sove!"

"Du ikke sove!"

Translation:You must not sleep!

September 2, 2015



This sentence is taken from a Norwegian poem by the same name, written by Arnulf Øverland.

The poem, which was written in 1936, warns about the rise of nazism and fascism in Europe, and is a chilling prediction of what we know was to come.

(The video linked above contains some rather strong imagery from WWII. Plain text version.)


Thanks Deliciae for this historic information. I didn't know this man. It's very important to know all these great women and men who stood against fascism with any way they could in those dark times.


Wow as a jewish person that subject is never easy. But it is comforting to know that people still remember!


I just assumed it was a Nightmare on Elm Street reference


Does "måtte" only imply necessity (You must not sleep), or does it also imply permission (You may not sleep), depending on how it's said?


Both, depending on how it's said.

Edit: Read alek_d's comment instead. I misread the question.

Either "You must not sleep" or "You don't have to sleep".


Okay :) Takk for svaret!


Note that "må" in Norwegian has a different meaning than in Danish. It means "must", rather than "may". The sentence above is ambiguous in the sense that it is not clear what the "ikke" refers to, the verb "må" or the verb "sove", i.e. whether it is necessary that you not sleep or not necessary that you sleep.


That sounds ambiguous indeed. So would/could "Du trenger ikke sove" be equivalent to "Du må ikke sove", or would the latter just never be used in the same context?


Tusen takk Deliciae! what an astounding piece!! such perspective and history.


Don't even blink!


"Moren min sier: Du må ikke sove!" —a young Shia LeBeouf* as the mascot in Freaks & Geeks



Freddy Krueger might get you!

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