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  5. "Bu hayvanlar neden koşuyor?"

"Bu hayvanlar neden koşuyor?"

Translation:Why are these animals running?

September 2, 2015



That's only used by itself, not in front of a noun.

  • Bunlar koşuyor. "These are running."
  • but: Bu hayvanlar koşuyor. "These animals are running."


Mizinamo, i would add that in "Bunlar koşuyor", "bunlar" is a demonstrative pronoun, subject, and in "Bu hayvanlar koşuyor", "bu" is a demonstrative adjective, that modifies the noun "hayvanlar"?


Can anyone explain the word order? 'these animals | why | are running' So far the question word turns up where the answer would be. Maybe i'll find out when we learn how Turkish does 'because'.


Why koşuyorlar is in correct when hayvanlar is 3rd person plural. Koşuyor should be with 3rd person singular like hayvan. This is what I understood. Please someone explain


safinahima, when, in a sentence, the subject"s suffix is marked with the 3rd person plural "LAR" in "hayvanLAR" = "the animals", the personal pronoun suffix is optional at the end of the verb; so "koşuyor"= "they are running". Read the comment of DennysPote below.


I interpreted 'neden' as an ablative and entered "What are these animals running from?" Is this a valid interpretation?


no it does not make any sense. "to run from" something means "birşeyden KAÇMAK". Koşmak is only like walking fast.

However if it were "bu hayvanlar neden kaçıyor" both would make sense. interestingly when we want to say "from what" we usually say NEYDEN however in written language this is still spelled as neden


could anyone tell me why isn't the word kosuyor in plural form isn't it suppose to be "kosuyorlar"


As far as I understand the plural -lAr suffix is only used for humans, not for animals or objects.


koşuyorlar isn t correct?


I think this answer should also be accepted "Why these animals are running? So why it's wrong??!!!


I think this answer should also be accepted "Why these animals are running?

That is not correct English.

So why it's wrong?

Nor is this.

It should be "Why are these animals running?" and "Why is it wrong?".

The verb should come right after the question word "why" in a direct question.


Why is it these animals and not the animals


Why is it these animals and not the animals

Because it's bu hayvanlar and not just hayvanlar.


Why are you running?


FarisAufa, "why are you running?"= "neden koşuyorsun?"

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