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  5. "Do you like to play soccer?"

"Do you like to play soccer?"

Translation:Ти любиш грати у футбол?

September 2, 2015



How do you know when to use в and when to use у?


"y" before the consonant, "в" before the vowel


Why is :"ви любите грати у футбол" false? The Translation should be right. I googled it up✌️


Again I find that either way i translate this question DuoLingo counts it wrong. If I type "грати у футбол" and it says the correct translation is "грати футбол"...which is not correct nor is it suggested anywhere else in the lesson. The "у" is always included. So i answered the question again, this time leaving out "у". What does DuoLingo tell me? That it's wrong and it needs the "у", as I translated it the first time. How can it be wrong both ways?


подобається чи любиш?


If i say: Ви любите грати у футбол? Is it the same thing?

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