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  5. "When Duo came, we ate cake."

"When Duo came, we ate cake."

Translation:Duo gelince pasta yedik.

September 2, 2015



How would you say... When duo comes, we will eat cake?

Or... would the change in tense of yedik to yiyeceğiz change the passive tense of gelince

I trıed to use gel as past tense and was hopeless!

so can you explain geldi-ğinde for me.

ıs İnce current tense use only and İnde ıf past tense ıs apparent.


geldiğinde = gelince. they both do not indicate any tense, the tense is indicated by the second verb, the predicate.and it is not geldi-ğinde. it is gel-dik-i-n-de

When duo comes, we will eat cake = Duo gelince/geldiğinde pasta yiyeceğiz/yeriz.


anladım... çok tesekkür ederim!


Selcen_Ozturk (miss)

In English:

Selcen_Ozturk (miss)

Your grammar explanations are amazing with a clarity & preciseness only seen in some of my Turkish Grammar books. I know you are retired but your topic comments are enduring still to this day after 4 years.

I (miss) you so much as a Duo MOD.

In Turkish:

Sezen Aksu - Geri Dön.

Geri dön geri dön, ne olur geri dön. Uzanıp tutuver elimi bir gün, utanır diyemem ne olur geri dön?

Her şey seni hatırlatır da yeniden - Every one of your Duo comments to this day reminds us learners of you as if brand new & you are still a MOD.

May not be accurate in English (the above) Song & my translation. I feel a bit emotional at the moment.

I wish you every happiness in whatever you are now doing.


Kek is more like a sandcake, ie a kind of dry cake. IIRC.


I know it's come up before, but just to make sure:

Yedik - we ate cake. Yerdik - we had eaten cake.

Is that right?


"yerdik" = We used to eat

"yemiştik" = we had eaten


Shoot thanks.


Great info Selcek - thanks.


what about "kek" ?


Duo zaman geldin,why not?

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