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How to Submit a Wikipedia Article for Translation

Hello Duolingo Team,

If there is an article on Wikipedia that doesn't have a translation available in a language that I am studying is it possible for me to submit it for translation?

Thank you


January 2, 2013



For a quick fix, try http://translate.google.com/ and enter (copy and paste or type in) the website address, choosing the proper 'from' and 'to' languages.


I was actually hoping just to be able to import a page into the Duolingo system that I wanted to translate based on the topic. There a lot of them out there that don't have a Spanish/English version for example and I thought it would be great to work on one with the crowd sourcing format through Duolingo rather than go through the Wikipedia page itself. I know that owners of a blog or a similar site can ask to have their page translated but I was wondering how they go about putting in that request.

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