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  5. "They tell the story."

"They tell the story."

Translation:Insíonn siad an scéal.

September 2, 2015



I scrolled my mouse over the word "tell" and it came up with "insionn" and "insint". When and how would you use the word "insint"?


insint is the verbal noun


Tá siad ag insint an scéil "they are telling the story"

Tá scéal le hinsint aige "he has a story to tell"

(edited for the tuiseal ginideach)


Is insíd an acceptable abbrevation of insíonn siad? Does something like this happen with many other verbs?


In standard Irish, synthetic forms are only used for the first person, for the most part (in the present tense, at least), so you get insím and insímid in the first person, but insíonn sé and insíonn siad in the third person.

Munster Irish used synthetics forms much more widely, and the synthetic form of insíonn siad was insíd. (You will still encounter it in Munster Irish, but even in Munster, the analytic forms are now often used).

At some point insíd was added as an acceptable alternative answer for this exercise. Due to the vagaries of how Duolingo was designed, when you submit a wrong answer, Duolingo selects the acceptable alternative answer that is alphabetically closest to the wrong answer that you submitted, even when, as in this case, it is a bit misleading. Duolingo should have accepted insíd if that's what you submitted, but it should not have suggested that you use insíd.

There are similar synthetic forms for all or most verbs in Munster Irish, it's not just a feature of inis.


Thanks so much. This is very helpful.


Does anyone use a mnemonic for tell and say? I keep intermixing dier and insíonn and it's driving me mad.


"Deir" is a lot like the word for "say" in French and Italian ("dire"). This leaves you with "insíonn"as the word for the other thing, ☺


It told me the right answer was "Insíd an scéal." ??


insíd is a synthetic form of insíonn siad that is mainly a feature of the Munster dialect. It's not "the" right answer, it's "a" right answer, and Duolingo probably shouldn't be showing it to you, as it causes more confusion at this level than it's worth, but when you submit a wrong answer, Duolingo does a crude alphabetic search to find the "acceptable alternative answer" that is closest to the wrong answer that you submitted.


It has been much more confusing with these answers. I have to click on the discussions to see the one I really wanted to know that was "Insionn"...wastes so much time. Thanks for the answer.

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