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"Voglio una zuppa al pomodoro."

Translation:I want a tomato soup.

January 2, 2013



This is not proper English. We say that we want tomato soup, period. If we want to use "a" then we would say that we want a bowl of tomato soup.


Both the "tomato soup" and "a tomato soup" versions are "proper" English; they just express slightly different things. Sure, the former is more likely, but the latter is perfectly understandable and grammatically correct. Anyway, soup doesn't always come in bowls.


'I would like' is listed as possible meaning of 'voglio', and yet was marked 'wrong' when I used it in my answer. It's not the literally correct translation of 'voglio', but it is natural to say it in this context; presumably that's why it is listed!


Vorrei is "I would like".


I entirely agree. It is inconsistent not to allow it as a correct answer.


"I want" used to be considered impolite. Hence the saying: "I want never gets". "I would like" is more likely to get you good service!


Vorrei is "I would like".


I agree, it is NOT proper English. Please correct.


Asking Duo to correct something here is useless. If you report it properly it may get done. Have you read the pop up that appears when you come to comments page? See peter2108's post. It's ok now.


It's acceptable colloquial usage just as we say "I want a coffee". instead of "a cup of coffee" but it is a rather gray area.


IMfrederick is absolutely right. It's a stupid machine translation.


I suggested (2014-01-19) they accept I want tomato soup since a tomato soup is pretty marginal usage.


Now, that's good to hear. Probably they'll accept both but as long as the most common is included we sound better.


Belianis. you are right. In italian "i want" does not exist. They use the polite form "i would want". It is a subjuntive. That is why there is an "i" extra in the word voglio. It comes from "volere" and normal grammar rules would make ï want" "volo", but that means "flight".


I want "a" soup? So bad!!


How do you say voglio phonetically? I am having trouble


"Vole-yo" is how I would phonetically spell it out.

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