Time Zone

I was wondering if anybody knows if Duolingo is working on the ability to change the current time zone of a user's account?

Mine is on Sydney time and I would love it to be on Chicago time!

September 2, 2015


If you have access to an Android mobile device then that is able to change your timezone to your current timezone. But if you mean you are in Sydney Australia but just want it to be set to Chicago time then I think you are out of luck.

That's cool to know! Maybe I can find someone with an android phone, haha!

If you are on a computer, HeadwayCourse user has made a good userscript "DuoTweak" that allows you to set your timezone, see

Thanks, I tried downloading the script, but it seemed when I clicked "raw" to get it my chrome browser gave a notice that "user scripts cannot be added from this website"... when I clicked "learn more" about that notice I couldn't tell what was wrong... At least there is something out there even if I can't get it to work yet!

Do you know if I have to be signed in to with the $7 monthly subscription, or if it should just work?

I believe it should work just so, but I don't know for sure though. I'm currently using the (free) Tampermonkey extension on Chrome (as indicated in the "How to install scripts" section of the previous linked page) to manage scripts. The Tampermonkey extension can be found here:

Best of luck! :)

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