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RTÉ's Irish Language Action Plan Launched

I thought some of you might find RTÉ's (national broadcaster) Irish language plan interesting. One of the big things is that they will be making the upcoming All-Ireland finals for Hurling and Gaelic Football available in Irish as well as English. Supposedly they'll make other GAA events available in Irish as well. They are also going to use more Irish on 2fm which is one of the bigger radio stations in the country. A few other changes as well detailed in the press release.


September 2, 2015



That's good. I feel like one of the best ways to promote a language is through television and film. But what I'd really like to see is some big Irish films done entirely in Gaeilge, or a hit TV show created were it is used. That would be bound to attract and encourage a large number of people to the language, at home and abroad.


There's already one Irish movie (leath as gaeilge) that looks set to be big this year. I'm excited to see it! http://anklondike.com/


Go raibh maith agat! That's definitely going on my to-watch list.


I'm actually looking forward to seeing if I can find a stream of the hurling final in Irish Sunday. Be exciting. Also be great if the Tribesmen pulled it out.


The alternating captions/speech in the promo video is a stroke of genius. I don't know if that's something they're planning to continue, but I think it's a fantastic way to lower the barrier to entry for those who would like to expose themselves to more Irish language programming but don't yet have a good command of the language. It would be nice to see that technique continued for a selection of beginner level programmes where possible.


Ironically, I happened to be listening to Liveline a few days ago when Joe had a caller from the Aran Islands. You could hear Joe struggle for a few seconds to find the cúpla focal to engage with the caller, but quickly fell back into English. It would be wonderful if Joe's Irish was even a little bit better, so that the conversation could have been a little bit more bi-lingual, rather than purely in English.


A typically sceptical response from the Irish Times

"If every week is Seachtain na Gaeilge on RTÉ, do we need TG4?"

(Scroll down to the comments to get a flavour of the hatred that some people in Ireland have for the Irish language).


Well, the stream we could buy overseas was in English only, in any event. But the entire Allianz League was in Irish this year, so hard to complain.

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