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"Il ponte unisce un milione di persone."

Translation:The bridge unites a million people.

October 29, 2013



I used "The bridge connects a million people." This is a valid translation, and to me it feels like the most natural translation. However, it was not accepted.


to connect is "collegare"

  • il ponte collega un milione di persone


Learning a language means having to suspend your own cultural interpretation of the words and the (sometimes incorrect) expectations that go along with your personal experience. Find the nuances of the new language.


I agree with danteRosso, "connects" is a more natural translation, even when Italian has another word for this. "Unites" would mean a million of people feel they belong to the same group and that is more than what a bridge can achieve.


I used 'The bridge joins a million people' for much the same reason that you used 'connects', but it wasn't accepted either.


I used "joins" also because it sounded more exact than "unites," which has other associations.


Also, "joins" was given as the third translation option in the drop down definitions for "unisce."


It's not right in the context, but is a possible translate for rhe word singularly


Hi Dante I like your translation better ("The bridge connects a million people."). It agrees with the way that UK English speakers would express the phrase.


i used "the bridge brings together a million people" Good translation, but not accepted.


what's the purpose of di in this sentence?


Taken literally, "un milione di persone" gives "a million of people", the italian way to express that concept.


Why "milione" sounds like "miglione"? That "L" should sound like a regular L, not like "Y"


Does the translator know the difference between person and people? The translation of person in the dictionary is persona/e. The translation of people is gente. Another waste of time.


Yes persona is person (singular) but in the plural (persone) is persons or people. I would say you learned a valuable lesson.


Why the translation "The bridge unifies a million person" is marked wrong? I think unifies is more appropriate than unites. The bridge is not a community, association or a political party , but a structure.


There are a lot of ideas running around in your analysis and most have some merit, but simply - the noun has to be plural = persons


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so, the bridge links a million people , is wrong... ok...

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