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Where is the Esperanto Immersion?

Where is the Esperanto Immersion? I think that there are plenty of Esperanto documents on the internet that an Esperanto Immersion would be very useful for those that have finished their Esperanto tree.

Feel free to comment.

September 2, 2015



I very highly doubt that. The reverse however, translating from language x into Esperanto would be seriously useful for popularizing and making esperanto practical.


FYI: Duolingo decided months ago to stopped the development of the Immersion section.
Consequently, except for the course already having this section, no more courses will have it in the future (except, of course, if they reverse their decision but I wouldn't bet on it).


I don't understand, but their business model rely on Immersion !!!


Their PREVIOUS business model relied on Immersion.
They abandonned it but I'm not aware about any communication about the new business model.


Their new business model involves supplying testing services to allow learners to certify their capability in English (and presumably other languages) at a low cost. They are also expanding into programs for schools.


Thx RuthKC.

Do you have a reference to that (so I can refer to it in future discussion)?
The few times I asked Duo about the business model, I had no answer. ;)

Also, not sure if they'll make money with the school part... but for sure it's the main push for the last months.


> this is the reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEUlzDpWAYU


So did I get it right that 'working with schools" is supposed to make money? Luis mention it for "paying bills"... However, I never heard about fees to use schools.duolingo.com.
But if it's the case, it'd explain why this part seems to monopolize most of Duo's time (devs, staff really answering (=rate of answer by staff is high and answers come in less than 1 day typically) in Educator forum, ...).

And I still wonder:

  • how this school part will influence the work of contribs in incub (it already does due to the ability for educator to discard some "mature words"...),
  • if schools.duo will drive the work in incubator.duo, I wonder how it'll comply with 5th Duo's pillar (at least at the time of the video...). Discarded words like alcool is already opinion based... IMO. ;)


I think it's a mistake taking away the immersion. That's a key factor in learning and practicing a language. Some people may not have access to a way to practice the language they wish to learn. I know that there are other websites that focus specifically on that, but if they're paid (I don't know if they are or not), some people might not be able to afford that, and it may drive people away from Duolingo in favor of a site that offers immersion in addition to learning.


Did they explained why? I was really looking forward to the Esperanto immersion.


Me too. Bring back Immersion! Please?


You'll find some references to explanations here.


We probably won't be getting it. They've said that they'll be doing something else but have no plans to add immersion to any new languages.

I just go to Wikipedia or elsewhere and read stuff myself.

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