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"Is this my bread?"

January 2, 2013



what is the difference between: C'est mon pain ? and Est-ce mon pain ?

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In French, there are 3 ways to ask a question:

1) Most formal: when the verb and the subject are inverted (the verb is in first position)

Est-ce mon pain ? = "Is this my bread?"

Here, you have to put a hyphen between the verb and the subject in French.

2) Less formal: when the subject is in first position and the verb in second position

C'est mon pain ? = This is my bread?"

3) Idiomatic phrase: "Est-ce que" (literally "Is it that"), or "Est-ce qu'" (before a vowel)

Est-ce que c'est mon pain ? = "Is this my bread?"


You can probably say "Est-ce que sa c'est mon pain?". But C'est mon pain is more like, "That my bread?"


Is there diff between est-ce and cĀ“est?


former is 'is it' latter is 'it is'

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