Language asymmetry in learning ...

Dear Duolingo followers & Staff,

I remarked that most exercises/lessons in Duolingo are more often translating from the foreign/new language to one's mother tongue, which is a bit easier than trying to make a sentence in our mind, towards the new tongue.

I realize now that I am very good (thanks to my favorite learning platform :-) in hearing or reading, though very terrible in speaking or writing, and while I can recognize words, I often can not find them when I need them.

Do you thing there is a way to make duolingo train more in one direction or another ? Do you feel the same need ? I don't see how to do that easily, but that would be terrific !!!

I was naively trying to invert the languages, and learn my mother tongue from the other language, but I have to say it is painfull when it comes to returning back, and well, it doesn't look like a clean and smart way to do it ...

Please pardon my english ! And I hope I am not redundant with previous posts ...


September 2, 2015


You can use Duolingo to learn the languages in the reverse direction. I speak English and am learning Spanish but I also use it in the reverse to learn English from Spanish. So if your native language is French, you could see if there is a learn French from German course available.

You would do that on the home page by clicking the little round flag at the top left.

September 2, 2015

Thanks for the tip, WanderingMonk !, I still feel it weird that duolingo, even being super powerfull, doesn't really train you to formulate sentences in the language you learn ... so you have to cheat and regularly change settings ... that's not super professional, is it ?

September 19, 2015
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