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"Tiu hotelo estas en bela loko."

Translation:That hotel is in a beautiful place.

September 2, 2015



I keep thinking of the spanish word "loco", which means "crazy" lol.


Would it still be considered proper to replace "loko" with "ejo"?


I think not, because an ejo is more like a place where something happens -- the hotel itself is an ejo, but it doesn't stand on an ejo. A meadow is not an ejo, for example, unless you consider it as the location of a festival or something. A bare plot of land is not an ejo unless something is happening on it.


So "ejo" = "place" and "loko" = "place/location/site"?


Would "ĉe" be accetable instead of en?


I think not, because that would sound like "next to" a beautiful place -- "at" in the sense of "very close to" but not "on" or "in" the place itself.


A much better, but not literal translation that would be... "That hotel is in a good location", remember the old Real Estate slogan for a good house / hotel investment is "Location, Location, Location"!


[FIXED] The first word audio is cut short for me. Tracking in post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13863898

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