"Partiet har alltid rett."

Translation:The party is always right.

September 3, 2015

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Die Partei, die Partei, die hat immer Recht!


Indeed. Was my first thought as well. Very GDR. Love the Norwegian course for all this intended or even not intended references.. ;)


Why is "har" taken as "is" in this sentence?


"har rett" = "is right"

"er rett" = "is straight"(, not angled)


There is no real reason, even if there is another meaning when using the word 'er'. Expressions like this can (and often do) take different prepositions in different languages, and there isn't a deep reason for it, it's just the way people talk. And in this case we're lucky that the word 'right' has this same acception in both English and Norwegian (e.g., in Spanish it would be "el partido siempre tiene la razón", which translates literally to 'the party always has the reason'.)


Would 'riktig' work just as well in this sentence, or is there a difference on meaning?


No - riktig is more like "correct". As in "løsningen din er riktig" - your solution is correct. I'd say grammatically you could say "Partiet er alltid riktig" but I seriously doubt anyone would do that.

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