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  5. "Bevo la mia zuppa."


"Bevo la mia zuppa."

January 2, 2013



Don't they say they eat soup in Italy instead of drinking it?


"Zuppa" is a liquid or semi-liquid. It's not stew or chowder or even minestrone. Therefore, you drink a liquid. Few people, even in English, would try to say that we eat broth. "Eat" and "consume" have been equated in English, and they should not be.


Are you sure, Christopher? I did a quick Google search, and it seems you actually say "mangiare la zuppa". That doesn't surprise me at all, that's how you say it in Portuguese also. I think you're trying to apply English rules here.


I've been living in Italy for the last two years and half years.


I think so. Anyone who can tell for sure?


But I would never say I was "drinking" soup. I think this is an incorrect translation. In English, we "eat" soup (though it doesn't "make sense") or, to stay closer to the Italian, we "sip" soup.


It's really weird because in English you would say I am having soup as opposed to eating or drinking it

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