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  5. "Det er enkelt å be."

"Det er enkelt å be."

Translation:It is simple to ask.

September 3, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Sometimes I find it difficult to distinguish between a 'b' sound and a 'd' sound. So I couldn't figure this one out. I thought she was saying 'det er enkelt og det' not 'å be' even though obviously what I thought I heard makes no sense.


    Hello fellow learners! What is the difference between "å spørre" and "å be". If I understand right, the latter is more like "to invite", but it is not clear for me. Mange takk! =)


    å be is used in the sense of "ask for something", "invite someone", "pray", whereas å spørre means the posing of a question in general.


    and then there is "stiller en spørsmal", which means "asking a question"


    å be = to request

    å spørre = to inquire


    Why would "That is easy to ask" not be accepted here?


    A better back-translation of “That is easy to ask.” would be «Det er lett å be.», but it should still be accepted as correct here.


    dunno i entered the same and got it wrong


    It's nice how to ask and to pray can be translated with the verb "å be"


    Is this a more positive "if you need help, it's easy to ask", or negative "it's simple to ask (but not so simple for the other person to do)" or can it be either?


    Just a random question, may one say 'mange takk' instead of 'tusen takk'? Thank you in advance :)


    As simple as it is useless :D

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