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  5. "Elas carregam os livros."

"Elas carregam os livros."

Translation:They carry the books.

October 29, 2013



What is wrong with "They carry books"


It depends on the context I guess. I put it too, but if it's a set of books in particular that they're referring to, then "They carry books" wouldn't fit since it's not those books in particular.

With "os" just being the standard prefix, then it probably should be accepted though.


I am sure that "carregar" means to load onto something else, not just to carry, like "caricare" in Italian.


carragem means, to carve. :(


How do I know when to use "elas" instead of "eles"?


I wrote "they load the books", which I think should be accepted, but I can't use the report button : when I click on it, I check "my answer should be accepted", then I click on "submit" and nothing happens.... Actually it never worked.... does anyone have the same situation ?


Try to type the answer you want to report in the second field "there's another problem with this sentence" or smth like that.

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