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  5. "Whose parents are these?"

"Whose parents are these?"

Translation:Чиї це батьки?

September 3, 2015



does the word for "whose" change depending on the subject?


Yes, agreement in gender. чий (m) будинок? - whose house? чия (f) машина? - whose car? чиї (pl.) діти? whose kids?


Ok, that makes sense. I understand now. I am just having a little difficulty remembering the gender of nouns. Is there an easy way to remember, such as the ending?


Nevermind, I read up on the gender of nouns. I think I got it.


On another note, is it acceptable to say "Батько" for dad?


Yes, батько is the most formal word for "father, dad"


Why was, Чиї ці батьки, marked incorrect? Whose parents are these?


Would 'чиї батко це' be accepted?


Is Чиї ці батьки also correct? Duo accepted but I'm not sure if it was a glitch.


how to spell in english letter the ukrainian "whose parents are these"???


Better not to. Just use the Ukrainian alphabet.

"Chyyi tse bat'ky?"

This looks so bad, just like writing English in Ukrainian! "Інглишь ин Юкрейниан" - it's so ugly and wrong!


I do not have cyrrilic on my chromebook...it is the only way I can spell it...thankyou va-diim!


Just go to Settings, and add Ukrainian in Keyboards. All Chromebooks have all languages, but you probably need to buy stickers for the keys to know which letters are where


You can also use: https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/ukrainian.htm then copy and paste to Duo, good luck!


Trying to type Ukrainian words in English, there are only so many variations of the way it can be spelled. Cheye - cheyi - chiye - chiye - chiyi. All wrong.


Not really. There is a direct Romanization of Ukrainian to English.

Ч = ch

и = y

ї = yi


A B V H G D E Ye Zh Z Y I Yi Y K L M N O P R S T U F Kh Ts Ch Sh Shch Yu Ya

Both И and Й transliterate as Y in English, but the first one is a vowel similar to the "i" in "mill" and the second one is the consonant "y" as in "boy."

But you shouldn't waste time with the English Romanization. Just learn the Ukrainian alphabet. When Ukrainians learn English, they don't start writing English words in Ukrainian letters. They learn the English alphabet. Хелло, май нейм из Стів!

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