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  5. "The child drinks milk."

"The child drinks milk."

Translation:Barnet drikker melk.

September 3, 2015



How is barnet pronounced? Like "bor-net"? .. Is the t silent here too


I'd say it sounds pretty similar to the English word barn, "barn + eh".

The t is silent (for most østnorske (eastern Norwegian) dialects.)

[deactivated user]

    Correct IPA pronunciation is /bɑːɳə/.

    You can hear how it should be pronounced by following this link. Click here for more information about IPA symbols and sounds.


    "Ungen drikker melk." Came up as the correct answer for this question. Is "ungen" the same as "barnet" the former word hasn't come up yet in the lessons.


    Unge is masculine, and Barn is neutral.

    To underline what stigjohan says, a common proverb is "Andres unger, mine barn"


    They are synonyms, yes. However, in some dialects "unge" is the most used word, while in other dialects "unge" can be perceived as less formal/polite than "barn".


    Jeg ikke vet at.


    Why "barnet" and not "et barn"?


    "Barnet" means "the boy," and "et barn" means "a boy." The difference has to do with whether the definite article (the) or indefinite article (a/an) is called for.

    [deactivated user]

      Barnet translates to "the child" and et barn to "a child" which can be male (en gutt - a boy) or female (en jente - a girl).


      When should I use 'ei' ??


      For female nouns. Ei jente for example. But for simplicity, many use "en" for both female and male nouns

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