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  5. "Her name is Sofia."

"Her name is Sofia."

Translation:Ŝia nomo estas Sofia.

September 3, 2015



Ŝia nomo estas Noel Mi havas revon pri ŝi Ŝi sonas mia sonorilo Mi havas gimnazio klaso en duonhoro


It accepted "Ŝia nomiĝas Sofia" but said that "ŝia" should be "ŝi". Is this an error?


Sxia is a possessive pronoum. Sxi is a subject.


I don't suppose you have a screenshot from this issue in December 2019. I can't imagine why it accepted it - unless the system let it through as a typo.


I have seen it before, but not the reason for it: does (in this case) Sxia mean the same as Sia (can't write the correct marks on the letters)? Or are those totally different words?

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