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"On Thursday I always eat in the same restaurant."

Translation:Ĵaŭde mi ĉiam manĝas en la sama restoracio.

September 3, 2015



can't i use Ĵaŭdon here instead of Ĵaŭde


Ĵaŭde is the form of Ĵaŭdo that signifies something done repeatedly, every week on that day. I drink beer every Thursday - Ĵaŭde mi trinkas bieron.


Why can't I use "restoracion" here?


I believe this is because after prepositions, such as "en", the accusative case (the -n) is not used. See the Notes at the start of the lesson on the accusative: "The noun following a preposition normally takes a simple -o ending (-oj in the plural). Other endings will be explained later. For example: La virino estas en la kafejo. The woman is in the café."


This took me five tries because I can't spell.


"Ĵaŭde mi ĉiam manĝas en la restoracio sama" is not accepted. Surely it doesn't matter that I put the "sama" after the noun?


That has happened to me before. I find it odd too, especially for a language that doesn't have a rigid word order. I reported it.


Did anyone else write "ĵaŭdon" because the exercise didn't say "On Thursdays"?

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