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  5. "The people demand justice."

"The people demand justice."

Translation:La homoj postulas justecon.

September 3, 2015



I'm really liking these sentences


When I read this sentence in English "The people demand justice." I imagined a general group of people rather than a specific set of a few persons. In that context would this sentence be a correct translation? "La popolo postulas justecon."


Wouldn't that have to be “the people demand'''s''' justice?” “The people” meaning “la popolo” seems singular to me; it's one people.


In English, we're so used to thinking of ‘people’ as an irregular plural of ‘person’ that we often construe it as plural even when other languages would use a singular.


Thank you. Are you saying that in English the people = la popolo (like in the Swedish people or an indigenous people) is construed with plural verbs even when used in the singular? In this case "la popolo postulas justecon* would be a correct translation, as Donaldo says, and should be reported as such.

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