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Recommendations for learning Norwegian for reading

So, I'm enrolled in a graduate field of study that demands I be able to demonstrate proficiency in reading a second language. Though French and German were suggested as possibilities that the university offers, I've fallen in love with Norwegian.

I'm over halfway done the tree (I'm about to start Sports or Abs. Ob. 2) and I'm wondering where to go next. I'm recognizing words in written text, but I'm nowhere near proficient enough to read academic work in Norwegian.

Most of the recommendations that I have seen have to do with production (oral or written) of the language, but I'm wondering what the best method to build my receptive knowledge of the language is? (Also, keep in mind, I have no extra money for resources.)

I have about four months before I have to fully commit to one language and then about four after that before the pass/fail test on comprehension of an academic article.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Tusen takk!

September 3, 2015



Klar - Tale is a great website for news in Norwegian, it it designed for easy reading. http://www.klartale.no/


Oh perfect! That looks like a great place to start before working up to academic papers.


Have you ever heard about NRK ?


I have not, I'll look it up though. Thanks!


If you haven't seen this post already, it's got a lot of resources. One that you might find helpful is NRK Skole, which is kind of like Norwegian PBS. The cool thing is you can sort videos by topic (by clicking on "Emner"), so if you're studying biology, you can watch biology videos in Norwegian.
Another thing you might find helpful is reading Norwegian grammar books in Norwegian. There's a link (the first one listed under grammar books & textbooks) to some on the aforementioned (heh heh I like that word) post. You'll be surprised by how much you can understand!
May I ask what you're studying? I might have more resources in the depths of my bookmarks that you would find useful (I even have a very long and detailed pdf of kinds of birds in Norwegian and English... in case I ever go birdwatching in Norway, I guess :P).


I second the hint about looking into "skolefjernsyn" at NRK Skole, not least because while Klar Tale is a good resource it simplifies by using more short words than what you would find in ordinary Norwegian. Any student wanting to read academic texts ought to understand how more complex words in Norwegian are often constructed by linking several words together, much like in German.


I'll check out NRK Skole. That sounds awesome. And I'll check out the post you linked.

My area of study is linguistics.


Also, if you want to try your hand at reading something somewhat related to your field of study, the relevant faculties at the Norwegian univeristies publish small snippets of information about their research (look for keyword "Nyheter" or "Aktuelt" on their websites). Other keywords worth using if you search the net would be "lingvistikk" or indeed "språkvitenskap".

I also found a short text about the increased use of the sje-sound (instead of kj-sound) amoung young Norwegians (in Norwegian, but it is a short text you should be able to get through by looking up words).



I'd highly recommend forskning.no. They write about studies and research projects in a wide range of fields. You mentioned in a comment that your major is linguistics, so you might want to try browsing articles that are tagged with "språk".

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