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  5. "Nå er vi en komité."

" er vi en komité."

Translation:Now we are a committee.

September 3, 2015



Now are we a committee is also correct, isn't it?


That's not correct English, unless you're asking it as a question.


Okay, thank you :-)


Yeah when seeing this question for the first time I was wondering if Duo actually meant it to be as a question or not and had forgotten to put the ? at the end. This is a part of Norwegian which is sometimes a bit confusing.


If there was something separating now from the rest of the sentence, like 'only' then it would sound like correct english e.g. "only now(,) are we a committee" but it still sounds quite dated.


When do you place the subject pronoun after the verb?


The verb is (almost) always at the second position, so if you've got something other than the subject pronoun at the first position, it should come after the verb. Time adverbials are commonly put at the beginning, and sometimes even the object if you want to emphasize it.


What kind of committee? What does exactly this word mean in norsk?

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