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Finished the Esperanto tree, now what?

[Note: share this page easily as www.afterduolingo.com]

Congratulations on finishing the Esperanto tree! Now you’re probably wondering what you can do with your new-found knowledge. Here are some ideas!

Continue learning

Classroom course events

Learn to speak

  • Ekparolu! - Skype course created for Esperanto Duolingo graduates

Learn to listen (and watch videos)

Learn to read and write

Improve vocabulary

  • uTalk - vocabulary by topics
  • Babadum - learn 1500 words in Esperanto
  • Memrise - Esperanto flashcards









Put yourself on the map

Cooperate in Esperanto

Esperanto Organizations



Free Esperanto magazine offer

For a limited time, if you've finished the course, go to http://duolingo.esperanto.net/, fill out the form and the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) and the Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo (TEJO) will send you a free copy of Esperanto and Kontakto to your home!

Introductory membership in Esperanto USA

The Introductory Membership to Esperanto-USA is available to anyone who has completed an Esperanto course, and is not now (and has not been) a member of Esperanto-USA. This membership provides all the rights and privileges as listed in the category '12-Month Memberships'. See details.

September 3, 2015



I'm amused to note that when I look at this list taking the organizations out of the equation, when I started learning Esperanto in 2001, only a fraction of these resources existed. In fact, 10 of them existed and 24 has been created within the past 15 years. It's amazing seeing the community grow so much!! Who knows what we'll see in the next 15 years?!


mi kredas ke vi aspektas kiel "amuzulo"

Pardonon, angla sxerco


amuzulo = fun guy = funghi


hahahaha, brile! :)


Estas la ligilo al Muzaiko erara? Cxu devus esti




Ha jes, mi ĵus korektis ĝin. Dankon!!


For links to thousands of books and magazines, from the most elemental to all kind of books, including scientific and technical books. Also thousands of podcasts with text, the classical videos "Mazi en Gondoland" and "Esperanto, Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo", and much more, please see this web page: (still adding links) http://esperantofre.com/edu/libroja.htm (in Spanish: http://esperantofre.com/edu/librojh.htm) Enrique


Tre bona artikolo, amuzulo.

Mi aldonus al la sekcio "Audio" la retejon Esperanta Retradio. Ĝi estas tre bona podkasto.


"La Ondo de Esperanto" nun grandparte estas legebla en la formo de sia paĝaro http://Sezonoj.ru — mi kore konsilas, estas bona Esperanta ĵurnalismo.


Aria, Kvankam ricevas mi "Usonan E--iston", "LOdE", ( k havas mi ion de memorata de mi Don Harlow), la tutaĵon, rekomenditan de vi, en miaj "plej ŝatataj" nun situas! ....Dankas mi vin! ---Keneĉjo


Kial ne mencii "Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo" videon kurson? YouTube havas la tutan serion. (


Stecxjo, mojose! ---Keneĉjo


I would add resources from here (eg corpus) eo.ligilaro.wikia.com/wiki/Ligilaro_Vikio

And for Continue reading: Paŝoj al Plena Posedo rete http://bit.ly/PPPreta pdfe http://bit.ly/PPPpdf

I personally didn't like Fajron sentas mi interne... Strange story :/

For books you could add https://facebook.com/groups/librejo

And as place to practice on fb https://www.facebook.com/groups/esperanto.grupo/


Lots of great recommendations on this list. I would add that an in-person course, such as NASK (the Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro de Esperanto), will really help one advance their language skills.


And for Europeans (or those who can travel there easily), SES (Somera Esperanto-Studado) in Slovakia. (And sometimes in other countries, too! There was at least one in Russia.)

No SES 2016 due to the Esperanto World Congress taking part in Slovakia that year, but otherwise it's been going every year for seven years or so.


Can you make this a sticky?


No, but it's already linked from the Esperanto mega post, so you can always find it. Plus, there's a link in the Tips & Notes of the last skill. :)


Nepre menciindas, ke oni povas peti numeron de la revuo Kontakto de TEJO ! http://tejo.org/duolingo/?lang=en


Saluton, Ankaŭ mi finiĝis la arbon de Esperanto, eĉ se mi ne bone parolas la anglan. Mi ja scias, ke multaj francoj - kiel mi - uzas la anglan por esperantiĝi. Ĉu vi povus aldoni kelkajn ligilojn por francaj retejoj : esperanto-france.org ekzemple. Dankon Ĵeromo


Se vi volas informiĝi pri la internacia novaĵo, vi povas ankaŭ legi Le Monde Diplomatique en Esperanto.


eric, Dankon!! "Le monde diplomatique" en E--o, dank' al vi, nun restas en miaj 'plej ŝatataj. :)


eric, Mi aldonu, por parolantoj de la angla : "Being Colloquial in Esperanto", senpage elŝutebla ...<http://pages.ucsd.edu/~dkjordan/eo/colloq/colloq.html>


Do individual users have a time limit after their completion of the Duolingo course for the magazine offer, or will it end for everyone at the same time? I will wait for an answer before I finish the last skill.


Are you talking about the Kontakto offer? The link is still active, but I have no idea whether they're really still doing it. The link doesn't seem to indicate any time limit other than the fact that they could stop offering it .. for everybody.

Why wait?


I would like to know if anyone has done it recently to know if it still exists. I guess I'll do the last lesson of the Esperanto course soon...


I applied and just over 3 weeks later, I still haven't received magazines. I emailed them about it a few days ago and I haven't gotten a response. I wonder if there's some problem.

Edit: I've emailed UEA again, to a different email address. Let's see what happens now.

New edit: I have received them. I can confirm as of October 2019 that the magazine offer is still available. However, it is important to point out that the magazines that I got are from early 2018. I wonder if everyone gets the same issues or if they just send whatever they have extra copies of.


I finally received the magazines after 51 days. It took a long time, but I did eventually receive them!


ISpeak, Ho, vi atendadis! Aliflanke, hura! :)))


ISpeak, Why don't you consider joining our group: Duolingo Esperanto Learners ........................ Please google : Duolingo Esperanto Learners Public Group | Facebook *[ click on the one at the top of the page ! ]

It's a closed group –– you will be accepted very, very quickly ! –– where such questions, as yours, can be posted ... and answered !


Sorry, I don't use Facebook.


ISpeak, I cannot imagine a reason why this "reward" would not still exist ! ---Keneĉjo


Yeay! Mi finis mian dua arbon en Duolingo!


"mian duan arbon". Gratulon!


Yeay! dankon!


Yeay? Wouldn’t it be Jeaj?


KaptianKaos, Mi ofte uzas "YAY!!!" angle. Esperante mi ekdiras "Hura!" (hUra). Se ekzistus "YAY!" en E--o, mi literumus ĝin * jej * .......................................................................................................... Mi ĝojas, ke vi, Adi k mi ja interkonsentas pri la dua! arbo de Meenjo!!! ... Huaŭ!


Some of these websites could use a revamp...still look like they're from Zamenhof's day


Tales, Saluton al vi ! :) ---Keneĉjo


I've just finished the Esperanto tree.


Mi ĵus finis la esperantan arbon kaj povas diri ke mi ŝategis ĝin.


I thought I had replied, but apparently not. You could add the language exchange apps. Speaky and Hellotalk (and maybe others too, you can check Busuu and iTalki) have a few fluent esperanto speakers looking for beginners to talk to.


For those who know Habitica (a gamified productivity app, and the only productivity app that works for me), we have made an Esperanto team there! It's called La Verda Flago, tell me if you want to join so I can add you :)

(also, the afterduolingo.com link has stopped working)


Pistacchios, Kvankam ni esperantistoj ne havas landon, "flago" estas ja uzata. Proponas mi, ke vi uzu la "ĝustan" terminon "standardo". Mi iel aŭdas "La Standardo Verda"


Unfortunately, the link to “Mazi in Gondolando” is broken. The error message on YouTube is “The playlist does not exist.” I recommend changing the link to https://youtu.be/wCJt_Advj-A. (By the way, does anyone know if there is a downloadable PDF of the MeG course suitable for English speakers? The one at http://jubilo.ca/esperanto/mazi has explanations in Portuguese. Thanks.)


Enriqué, Vin mi dankas! Mi jam ĝisdatagis viajn paĝojn, kaj aldonis Mazi revenas al Gondolando. (Mi jam havas la ceteron!)


Post 82 tagoj mi ĵus finis la kurson!
Mi tre ĝuis ĝin kaj volus kore danki la organizantojn. Al la parolantoj mi aparte deziras oferi florojn kaj po 19 capuĉinojn! Ili, precipe la tri ĉefaj, fariĝis kiel amikoj kaj eĉ familianoj :-) Espereble mi renkontos ilin iun fojon.


Craig, Gratulon! Espereble mi renkontos vin :)


Saluton kaj dankon Keneĉjo! Nu, nuntempe vojaĝi estas tre malfacile. Almenaŭ ni ankoraŭ havas la interreton :-)


Craig, Jes ja! Mi konsentas :)


A good list, I would add the courses on memrise too, I'm dyslexic and so find them to be very helpful in remembering the differences between words, it's also a good way to widen your vocabulary.



Hmm, my impression is that Memrise is great for beginners, but not so great for intermediate and advanced learners. I'm open to other opinions though...

[deactivated user]

    Memrise helped me get the correlatives and affixes down cold after completing duolingo


    But actually, having this link in the top comment already means it's included in a way. :)


    Memrise is covered in the "So many Ways to Learn Esperanto" link above. There is no way we can list all possible resources separately in this post.


    Great Post, Dankon ;)


    Lasu Min Paroli Plu: http://ikurso.esperanto-jeunes.org/fr/gerda/lasu00.php

    The above is meant to be read alongside Gerda Malaperis. Claude Piron wrote each chapter using the same vocabulary roots as the corresponding chapters in Gerda. It is a french website, but the Esperanto intro is underneath and there is a link for each chapter at the bottom.


    I'm reading Gerda Malaperis and the story in that link, and I'm a little confused how it fits together. Is it something you just figure out as you get far enough, or am I missing something? ;)


    lil.boxer just said that the vocabulary is the same, not the story :)

    So if you know enough words to read (say) chapter 5 of Gerda Malaperis, you can understand chapter 5 of Lasu min paroli plu as well since it doesn't use any words that you haven't learned yet.


    For those who just have to have an E-book, there is: Karlo: An Easy Reader for Students of Esperanto. It sells for 99 cents for amazon Kindle, and Pasporto Esperanta: An Esperanto-English Dictionary $2.99 for Kindle.

    The ¨Easy¨ reader in a challenge for those of us with only Duo experience as it seems 30% of the words in the elementary reader were never covered in the Duo course. This is causing me to constantly resort to the dictionary. It is a short book, graded from ¨easy¨ to progressively less easy, but for $0.99, it's a deal. Especially for me as my constant dictionary cross-referencing makes it seem longer.

    One needs a Kindle Paperwhite to do it well as Greg Hullender explains: http://gregreflects.blogspot.com/2014/09/how-to-read-foreign-novel-on-kindle.html

    I can verify the the direct foreign language look-up that Greg describes works well with the Esperanto Dictionary too


    For those not using a Kindle, "Karlo" is also available as an epub from Project Gutenberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/24525

    There are also some other Esperanto books available: http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Esperanto_(Bookshelf)


    Indeed, Karlo is the book I'm reading right now; there doesn't seem to be much of a selection available though; I'm trying to find books on the internet. Besides Gutenberg, there is also: http://i-espero.info/files/elibroj/ that I can convert to .mobi files.


    The same site that has the back issues of Juna Amiko available also has a collection of links which should fill out your reading queue nicely: http://www.eventoj.hu/ligoj.htm ... see the section "Interesaj legaĵoj"


    I am reading Claude Piron's "Vere aŭ Fantazie": http://claudepiron.free.fr/livres/vereauxfantazie.htm which is also an 'incremental' book (the vocabulary is added step by step), in a similar way to "Lasu min paroli plu".


    The link I posted above to the eventoj.hu site also has a link to Claude Piron's detective stories which you might enjoy.


    Vi forgesis Verduloj.com - la plej granda (mi pensas) socia-retejo de Esperanto!


    other website that you can practice and learn other languages including #Esperanto

    https://www.gospeaky.com This is a really cool new social networking site for language lerners\

    https://bliubliu.com Read in your target language

    and I love http://www.memrise.com To really improve your vocab

    tatoeba.org One Sentace many languages


    Dankon por la listo!

    La ligilo pri "Being Colloquial in Esperanto - Esperanto grammar for intermediate students" ne funkcias.


    I always just google it when I need it.


    eaburns, Kiu ligilo vi uzas? (La titolo: Being Colloquial in Esperanto--a reference guide) ---Keneĉjo


    La ligolo por "Being colloquial in Esperanto" ne funkcias. Uzu ĉi tiun ligolon, http://esperanto-usa.org/retbutiko/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2490..Mi esperas, ke la ligolo estas prava. Pardonu min se mia Esperanto estas malbona!


    You may also mention www.maklerejo.de. There are quite a lot of people who like to become friend with you, need help or just want to correspond with you.


    esocom, mi vekiĝis, mi kontrolis la retpoŝton. Kaj jen via sunradia kuraĝigo! Alklakis mi . Tuj mi aldonis ĝin al miaj "plej ŝatataj"! [ĝi aspektas al mi tre ampleksa] Ja mi ĝojas, ke vi, esocom, estas esperantisto! ---Keneĉjo Goldbergo


    Volonte mi aldonos senkostan anonceton pri via kunfara afero. Simple sendu la aperigotan tekston al info@maklerejo.de.


    Maybe "Continue learning" could be divided in subsections, e. g.:

    • Learn to listen and speak (dialogue): Skype

    • Learn to listen (and see videos): Pasporto al la tuta mondo (+ Mazi, Ana Pana)

    • Learn to read and write: Lernu!, Being Colloquial, Vojaĝo en Esperanto-lando

    • Learn to read: Gerda malaperis

    • Multiple options: So Many Ways...

    It seems that Ekparolu! is far from being usable now - so maybe it should be eliminated until it's ready. The list shouldn't create hopes that are not fulfilled. Maybe there are other possibilities to find partners to speak. They should be indicated (see http://tinyurl.com/lingvolerniloj ) How about HelloTalk, Speaky, italki ?


    Thanks for the suggestions. We'll consider doing this.


    I've just updated the page as you recommended. Thanks for the suggestions!!


    Lu, Dankon!---en miajn "plej ŝatatojn"!


    How long will the magazine offer last? This post is a year old and it's still going today.


    I think the offer is still valid. I know it worked in September.


    ElectricSk, Mi ja kredas, ke jes! ---Keneĉjo


    I understand there is a second Esperanto "tree" coming up. How is that progressing?


    Are there threads like this for other languages, like German?


    "Hail", Vi povus "tweet" vian demandon al: @duolingo ( ! )


    http://clozemaster.com/ estas bona ilo (ludo ?) por lerni novajn vortojn helpe de frazoj el tatoeba datumbazo.


    Esperanto-TV is an internet TV service. Maybe sticky that?


    Swingball, esperanto-tv.net // You and I chatted a bit in a recent Zoom babilejo. You were wishing information that my friend, the Director of the Central Office of Esperanto-USA, could provide ––– eusa@esperanto-usa.org


    Post 82 tagoj mi ĵus finis la kurson!
    Mi tre ĝuis ĝin kaj volus kore danki la organizantojn. Al la parolantoj mi aparte deziras oferi florojn kaj po 19 capuĉinojn! Ili, precipe la tri ĉefaj, fariĝis kiel amikoj kaj eĉ familianoj :-) Espereble mi renkontos ilin iun fojon.


    Elkoran dankon por tiu granda listo de ligiloj :D.


    Mi ankaŭ rekomendas Neciklopedion - parodio de Vikipedio, sed la Esperanta versio estas pli komedio ol parodio. Ĝi estas bona por amuziĝi.


    Any idea how many people have completed the tree? Or, e.g., are at least x level?


    As of a month ago, 300 people had finished the tree. I don't have current stats.


    I can recommend registering to https://www.chatterplot.com/! It's nice to make that step into really conversing in Esperanto with other people.


    Wow thank you for this. I'm not finished my tree yet but once I do I will start using these resources. Dankon :)


    Estis amuze lerni Esperanton per Duolingo.


    lerni en proksimume 22 tagoj, kaj relerni por cxiam. Versxajne, ekzistus "immersion" por esperanto. (correct me if i'm wrong)

    learning in approx. 22 days, and relearn forever. probably, there should be "immersion" for esperanto


    "Immersion" for Esperanto: A few intensive courses like NASK: http://esperantic.org/en/nask , https://www.facebook.com/nask.esperanto/ , at William Peace University, Raleigh, North Carolina, June 28 to July 7, 2016. Any "Esperanto-renkontiĝo", many sites around the world. Some of them are on a 2 or 3-day weekend. The World Esperanto Convention and some National Conventions go on for a whole week: http://www.eventoj.hu/2016.htm (scroll down the page) Thousands of ways to practice and use Esperanto: http://esperantofre.com/edu/libroja.htm


    Unfortunately, there is no immersion for Esperanto, and none is planned. Duolingo's business model has changed, and immersion (translation of texts from the target language to English) is no longer their focus.


    Hi Ruth! 4 days ago, davidvdb found out a hack that actually makes immersion for Esperanto possible. Have a look at this.


    Thank you! Yes, I am aware of it. We added the info to the Esperanto Mega Post in the Discussion forum, and also posted about it in the Duolingo Esperanto Learners Facebook Group.


    Ruth, could you please edit your comment above? there is no immersion for Esperanto, and none is planned -> there is immersion for Esperanto. Maybe with a link to the instruction how to do it.


    Or change it to "there is officially no immersion for Esperanto, and none is planned".


    if so, will there be new materials (since it's still beta)?


    Could you sticky this discussion? That would be great! Or we could add them to the Unofficial Duolingo wiki page for external resources.


    This discussion is part of the "Esperanto Mega Post" which is a sticky post.


    Right! Never mind then.


    The „Being Colloquial“ link gives 404 error, check it, please.


    Vinilkosmo MP3 is blocked by OpenDNS: "This domain is blocked due to a security threat."

    Any idea why?


    Esperanto is a fun and interesting language to learn on Duolingo. If you are interested in learning that language, I would definitely recommend using Duolingo. I encourage you to give it a try, you're gonna love it as much I do. Thank goodness for Duolingo and its creator, whoever he or she is.


    do you know if the free magazine offer is still available


    Joe, Ja mi kredas, ke jes! Sendu, sendu! :)


    I think i need to finish the tree first


    Hey, I know you! We used to chat on YIM back in like...2004, I think!


    jonizaak, "Being Colloquial in Esperanto" estas senpage elŝutebla: <http://pages.ucsd.edu/~dkjordan/eo/colloq/colloq.html


    Pardonu, mi ne intencis krokodili. Kie estas miaj moroj? :)


    jonizaak, Dankon pro la nova por mi vorto ( ! ) : moro [eĉ oficiala]! Ja delonge mi serĉas ian ajn moron, sed ne sciante la 'kielan' vorton, kion mi faru? Ĉu vi scias, ke la E--a -- angla vortaro de Butler, dum multaj jaroj elĉerpita, estas, nur ĝis la pasinta somero, senpage elŝutebla? ..... esperilo.be/butler.htm **Vin salutas Keneĉjo!


    ***tute nova ...! <https://issuu.com/search?q=esperanto> ..."Teach Yourself Esperanto"; Lingvistikaj Aspektoj de Esperanto de John C. Wells, ( kaj aliaj!) ... treege facile uzebla!


    Jes, dankon, mi scias. Mi jam legis tiun libron. Mi parolas la lingvon dum multaj da jaroj.


    S--ano jonizaak! Mi pardonpetas! Mi vidis, ke la temo estas "Kion fari poste?" Mi ne certis, pri kiu temis. Do, laŭ kutime, mi konfuziĝis :) ---Keneĉjo


    Okej. Mi ĵus estis babilita kun Chuck antaŭ multaj da jaroj.


    n3aak, Ho! ---Keneĉjo


    Mi aldonus, ke ekzistas eĉ unu ludservilo de Minekrafto speciale al Esperantistoj - Espera Mondo. Ĝi estas atingebla per adreso esperamondo.net. Kaj, mi jam pretigas alian servilon ankaŭ speciale sen kiale po esperantistojn :)


    Babadum has 20+ languages, but not Esperanto.


    tmazanec, Mi amas 'Babadum'! Mi jam metis ĝin en miajn 'plej ŝatatajn' nur antaŭ kelkaj monatoj. Ja mi elektis E--on, kaj jes ludas en E--o. :)



    > Radio Verda ĉesis produkti novajn programojn en 2013.



    tuxayo, Prave....[Simple "guglu"ĉiujn :] Mia plej ŝatata podkasto estas la elstara ---kernpunkto; ankaŭ nova frata projekto---movada vidpunkto // studio-hejmo (vi vidos inter multaj aliaj elektoj! eta informo pri Radio Verda) //kaj kontrolu ---Esperanta Retradio ---Keneĉjo (Keneĉjo Goldbergo)


    Dankon. Ŝajnas ke la aspekto de via komento havas problemon.

    Ĉu "kontrolu" estas podkasto? Mi ne trovas ĝin.

    Ĉu studio-hejmo (http://novajhoj.weebly.com/) estas podkasto? Aŭ nur retpaĝo kun multaj aliaj podkastoj?


    Thanks. It seems that the formatting of your comment has an issue. (it seems that you wanted to make a list)

    Is "kontrolu" a podcast? I don't fin it.

    Is studio-hejmo a podcast? Or just a page with many other podcasts.


    tuxajo, Pardonu min! --- kontrol/i = to check. / Prave, --studio-hejmo estas nur retejo kun multaj aliaj [podkastoj, ĉu?] .....Post kiam mi respondis al vi, mi "guglis": Radio Verda. Ŝajnas al mi, ke nun ekzistas arkivo. Oni bezonas saĝtelefonon, laŭ kompreno mia. (Mi vidis kelkajn aliajn menciojn pri (ĉu la sama Radio Verda?) *Kiam vi komprenos ion ajn, mi petas, ke vi ĝisdatigi min; mi povos informi aliajn! ---kenecxjo@gmail.com


    You can also add https://federa.info/language/eo/ to the news sources!


    That link doesn't seem to work any more, but there is still Esperanto content on that website.



    ISpeak, *** Please see my suggestion to your most up-to-date question ...........[the 40th ( ! ) comment from the top]


    Caleb, Why don't you join our group, Duolingo Esperanto Learners ( ? ) Although it's a "closed group," you'd be "accepted" very, very quickly ( ! ) https://www.facebook.com/groups/groups/duolingo.esperanto.learners


    Mi vidis ĉi tion en konsilo(TIPS)—Ĉu ankaŭ la Esperanto-kursoj ĉe Duolingo de aliaj lingvoj havas/havos ĉi tion?


    Se vi estas esperantisto kiu logxas en cxinio, rigardu


    Tio retpagxo havas multe da esperantajn librojn!


    Tiu ligilo jam ne funkcias.


    ISpeak, *** Please see my suggestion, related to your most up-to-date comment ... [ It's the 40th down from the top ( ! ) ]

    Learn Esperanto in just 5 minutes a day. For free.