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Quizlet Sets for Spanish lessons


First of all let me start by introducing (if you're not aware) that Quizlet is a website/app for learning stuff by creating flash cards.

I've started a side project to create sets for every Spanish skill lessons (Basics-1, Phrases, Basics-2...). It'll make easier to review your Spanish lessons online and offline as Quizlet offers various means of reviewing lessons.

If you're interested, you can access the class at https://quizlet.com/join/NUtHycYZR (May require a sign-up).

Please note, I have started doing this today in my free time and will be a WiP and I'll keep completing as I continue with my lessons). Once you join the class, we can figure out ways so that other willing users can contribute to the class by creating or editing and improving sets. (We'll discuss the format and stuff once users are ready to contribute).

Edit : I've noticed there are already multiple classes on Duolingo Spanish on Quizlet but none of them is close to complete. I will be completing this top to bottom with each and every skill set (even if I cannot get help) because I find it better way to review content.

3 years ago

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Thanks so much ahsanaimad!!

I recommend using AnkiApp (https://www.ankiapp.com) as it is able to also import Quizlet decks but works way much better and quicker. ;)

Using this app you also can find Duolingo decks which are quite loaded, see it for yourself.

Thanks a lot for your work - amazing!!

3 years ago