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"I think you need to see this."

Translation:Я думаю, тобі треба бачити це.

September 3, 2015



Can you introduce a subordinate clause this way: "Я думаю, що тобі треба бачити це"? It was marked as incorrect and said it should not have the "що". I reported it just in case.


Yes, it's possible. I think "що" was omited as there's no "that" in English sentence


Thanks. The reason I reported it was because in English it is more natural to drop "that" -- "I think that you need to see this" sounds overly marked or formal -- so I don't think the Ukrainian translation should necessarily be tied to the English form, but rather allow whatever possibilities sound acceptable in Ukrainian -- including, I'm sure, the version here with the dropped "що".


Either one is OK, with or without що.

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