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  5. "Are you a captain?"

"Are you a captain?"

Translation:Kaptan mısınız?

September 3, 2015



Why doesn't "Kaptan mısın?" work too?


It does work and is already accepted. You may have had a mistake somewhere else.


No I was choosing from (excercise-choose the correct answer ) and I choose the both and it was unexpected :-D


Both are definitely accepted :)


I just had the same situation. I selected both answers and I got marked wrong. Can you fix this? Thanks! :)


Me too August 13th 2017.


Maybe I don't want to respect the captain


'mısınız' is for plural right? While the english word is singular ' a captan'. Who it becomes right answer. It should be 'mısın'. Am I right?


It becomes plural if you want to talk respectfully and it also implies some formality. You talk with plurals, for example, when you're talking to your professor, teacher, police officers, a judge or totally strangers. You don't have to, in most cases. I've never seen someone talking to their professor or teacher in second person by using "sen", though. Most people talk to strangers like that, however, unless the other one commands respect by the first apperance, like if she/he looks very rich or powerful, then it becomes "siz". :) Just go with "siz", when you feel the need to show kindness, respect and/or formality.


Why isn't "sen bir kaptan mısın?" valid?


Kaptan misin wasnt accepted for me either


That is because it should be "mısın" and not "misin" :)


Bir kaptan mısın? marked wrong for me 30.9.16.


That is because it sounds pretty unnatural to use "bir" with professions. It has been added, but if you want to sound normal when you talk, it wouldn't be included.


Bir kaptan mısın ? Yanlış mı?


Is it marked wrong? Report it.

But at the same time, I feel like the "bir" is implicitly asking how many captains y'all are. One captain? Two captains? But of course, in English it doesn't play out like that.


Misiniz and musunuz, what do each of these mean?


They mean the same thing. The former is used after words that end in e/i and the latter is used after nouns whose final vowel is u/o.


Why "Kaptan mısın" is wrong for me? 15.05.2017


For a question like this, when is it appropriate for it to be mısın vs misin? I think it has something to do with the vowel harmony and I'm probably overthinking it.


May i have this question 'what is the difference between "i" and i without the fullstop on it's top . (Sorry my device does not have that letter .)


Its like another letter. And according to vowel-harmony, you have to use the one without the point on the top (I dont have turkish keyboard neither). Because it fits better to the sound of the vowel 'a' which is the last vowel before the question-word (kaptAn).


When is misin and when mısın?


When do we put musun or misin


(Where is my answer?) They are just two different letters. And according to vowel-harmony, you have to use the one without a point (sorry I dont have turkish keyboard either) and NOT the i. Because it fits better to the last vowel before the question-word, the a in kaptAn.

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