"Would you like to work in a pub?"

Translation:Ar mhaith libh obair i dteach tábhairne?

September 3, 2015



Not sure that "Ar mhaith leat OBAIR i dteach tábhairne?" is correct. Should it not use the Ainm Briathra, i.e. "Ar mhaith leat OIBRIÚ i dteach tábhairne?" (or alternatively "Ar mhaith leat obair a dhéanamh i dteach tábhairne?"

September 3, 2015


obair is used as the Verbal Noun even by native speakers nowadays. You'll see it a lot as "Bíodh sé ag obair", for example.

September 3, 2015


Quick question, I can use "Ar mhaith leat a bheith ag obair" here can't I? It just felt more natural to me.

May 13, 2018
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