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"Would you like to work in a pub?"

Translation:Ar mhaith libh obair i dteach tábhairne?

September 3, 2015



Quick question, I can use "Ar mhaith leat a bheith ag obair" here can't I? It just felt more natural to me.


Not sure that "Ar mhaith leat OBAIR i dteach tábhairne?" is correct. Should it not use the Ainm Briathra, i.e. "Ar mhaith leat OIBRIÚ i dteach tábhairne?" (or alternatively "Ar mhaith leat obair a dhéanamh i dteach tábhairne?"


obair is used as the Verbal Noun even by native speakers nowadays. You'll see it a lot as "Bíodh sé ag obair", for example.


This sounds completely wrong to me. This sentence means “Would you like work in a pub?” A proper translation would be “Ar mhaith libh bheith ag obair i dteach tábhairne?”


Do you have the same objection to Ar mhaith leat teacht isteach?

If not, why not? Or, if you also find that objectionable, how would you suggest it should be said?


Maybe the difference is that teacht isn’t used as much as a simple noun. There is no other way to translate “to come inside” in your sentence, but “ar mhaith leat obair” is ambiguous where “ar mhaith leat teacht” isn’t.

“bheith ag obair” should be accepted. Nó an bhfuil sé chomh ciotach sin dar leat?


To my mind "bheith ag obair" would be "to be working" rather than "to work"


Well, technically obair doesn’t mean ‘working’ at all, it means ‘work’. It’s a regular noun. The verbal noun of oibrigh is oibriú.

To me the approved translation says “Would you like work in a pub?” (effectively the same thing).

Yes, people use obair as the verbal noun and I’m not saying it’s wrong, just that bheith ag obair should be also allowed as correct.

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