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  5. "We do not eat fish."

"We do not eat fish."

Translation:Vi spiser ikke fisk.

September 4, 2015



Yes. This is what one says. Fisker would be fishes, used when you wanted to specifically reference different varieties of fish. Fish as a food group is 'fisk'.


Can ikke come before the verb as well?


Only in relative clauses, which are introduced later in the course.


Besides 'spiser', there are 'spis' and 'spise'. When do you use these two Norwegian words? is 'spis describing a noun related artcle? And what is 'spise' describing?


Just to report that the lesson "Food 2" appears twice in the lesson plan - at least for me. There is no "Food 1". Food 2 is in the section leading up to both checkpoint 1 and the section leading up to checkpoint 11. No big deal but may be worth editing at some point tidy this up.

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