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Web framework

Just a question out of curiosity. What Web framework is used for Duolingo? I place my bet on Django, but I'd really like to know an answer from someone from the team :)

May 24, 2012



yeah, i'm curious too. Its nice and neat. Why hasn't anyone answered?


Duolingo uses Pyramid as the python web framework, with SqlAlchemy for the ORM. For the front-end, it uses a combination of mustache templates, backbone.js, jquery and Twitter bootstrap. Here is the answer of one of the Duolingo developers:


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Wonderful answer; however, I'm curious where you got Pyramid and SQLAlchemy from. I didn't see either of these on Quora or Siftery.


I'm pretty sure I found a trustable source at the time I posted that answer. However, I cannot find that information anywhere on the internet now, so I must assume that either the backend tech has entirely changed, or that they just prefer not to let us know.


The docs and the API talk about the Python language, but not the Django framework.


does duolingo has it's own datacenter or everything goes on amazon AWS ?

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