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"Søstrene mine er kino i dag."

Translation:My sisters are at the cinema today.

September 4, 2015



Cinema was marked wrong when I tried it :(


"Are at cinema" does not sound idiomatic in English, even if it's the way it's expressed in Norwegian. You need an article there: "at the cinema".


"At cinema" instead of "at a cinema"?...


That's how it's often phrased in Norwegian, yes.


"my sisters are going to the cinema today" is incorrect ?? "På"


The sentence, "Søstrene mine er på kino i dag." means that they are at the cinema. 'er på kino' implies that they are there now. It would be enough to say that without 'i dag', if you just wanted to say what they are doing or where they are. Adding 'i dag' (at least in the area where I live) implies that they will be there for a while, or are having a day out at the cinema, or something. Maybe they are watching more than one film, or at a film festival?

Going to the cinema would be 'går på kino' or if they are not walking, it might be 'drar til kino'.


Would "at the movies" be accepted as alternate English translation. U.S. English says "at the movies" not "at the cinema".

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