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"Bıçak ile kestiğim elmaların tadı çok güzel."

Translation:The taste of the apples that I cut with a knife is very nice.

September 4, 2015



Why could this not be: The taste of the apples that I cut with the knife is very nice. ... "The knife" instead of "a knife."


It is already accepted :)


It could.

If it's not accepted, it's just a forgotten alternative - report it.


When you mistype and forget to put the "a" article.


This sentence seems to implie that because the apples were cut with a knife - or specific knife - it gave them a special taste.


It could be. Or there might be two groups of apples: tasty ones and soury ones for example. I have already cut the good ones, and I am telling you to take the sliced ones because they taste better.


Is there a reason why this has to be 'the apples' and not 'apples'?


Kestiğim elmalar → The apples that I cut. They are the definite apples, because they are the ones that I cut.

If you want to use "apples" as a indefinite noun, you can use "bıçakla kesilen elmalar".

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