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Ukrainian Numbers

If I die and go to hell, it will be forever writing out Ukrainian numbers in Cyrillic. The number of levels and the spellings almost made me quit the course. Especially because writing out numbers is an almost useless skill and there aren't very many listening exercises. Anyone else having trouble with it?

September 4, 2015



Hi there!

Writing out numbers is just a learning process, when you write a certain number you will remember their name much better.

In hell, people are exploring exceptions to the rules of English grammar, and memorising meanings of english words, with gazillion of meanings for each of those words. ;)


I see. Seeing as I am an English teacher, this is some kind of revenge? I guess that's fair.


What you need is a friendly vampire to help you out ... один ... ah ah ah ... or одна eef de following noun eez feemineen ... ah ah ah. Longest episode of Sesame Street ever!


I started the Ukrainian course, just barely made it through that tedious number lesson, and then decided to quit Ukrainian bc I was afraid it would confuse my Russian studies. I made the mistake of deleting Ukrainian. Then i changed my mind and had to do the numbers ALL OVER AGAIN. It was a nightmare. I am never ever going to delete Ukrainian again just bc of the numbers.

I think it's good to learn them. But... Maybe don't put them all together? Break it up a little so we can use them in other contexts and mix up the lessons? Put one lesson at the beginning and the others further down the tree? Just for sanity's sake??


Part of my own frustration is that I already speak a little Russian / Polish and besides the spelling, the pronunciation of all these languages is near identical in regards to their numbers.


that's kind of my issue too. i already took a class (years ago) for Russian, and I can't seem to get the hang of the way Ukrainian uses the letter "и."


I got through thanks to my atleast one ukrainian lesson a day. That was like two weeks of only numbers xD. A bit tedious yeah xD. I would have liked the numbers being more spread out over the tree so that I can learn them along the way instead of having them all at once.


I wonder what you think about numbers in Danish :) http://www.sf.airnet.ne.jp/ts/language/number/danish.html

Take 78 for instance: otteoghalvfjerds (8 and 3½ times 20). Isn't that fun?


That does look insane! Those are some long numbers.

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