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Norwegian tree complete

I hesitate to use Duolingo's word "conquered"; to me it feels more like a beginning. The tree is 100% gold too, for the moment at least although I haven't checked in the last five minutes. Now to concentrate on regilding my French tree. I'd like to be able to keep them both gold, but there are more languages to be started. I'm waiting anxiously for the Hindi from English course to be ready. I work with a number of people from India and I think it would amuse them hugely, as well as being a polite thing to do.

I have to say I have really enjoyed working through the Norwegian course, and I would like to congratulate the team that created and maintain it. Some of the phrases are very witty, and for those working steadily through the course I'd like to encourage you by letting you know the last few topics especially are great fun.

September 4, 2015




We definitely prefer the last few skills as well. We have a bigger vocabulary to draw on there, which allows us to be more creative with the sentences. :)


Congratulation! :D I wish I can be in your position some time! At which level do you think you are now? I mean, do you feel that you can speak to Norwegian people, understand a bit of a TV episode, or get the meaning of some lyrics?


Thank you. As I said, it feels more like a beginning than an end. I could certainly hold a basic conversation, but I wouldn't say I was anywhere near fluent. I can understand much of a Norwegian broadcast, but I certainly can't catch everything. It is amazing, though, how much of a Norwegian language website, for example, is now accessible; even Danish, and to a lesser extent Swedish written material is now readable.

To reinforce it I'm endeavouring to keep the tree gold, and I have a cross-country skiing holiday in Norway planned in January. That will be an interesting test although I suspect the hardest problem will be that everyone will simply reply in near-perfect English.


Takk skal du ha!


Vær så god ! Tusen takk ^o^


Gratulerer! Du er så flink!


Takk, du er snill. Her finnes sangen min.


Jeg skal låne denne sangen for å få meg gjennom resten av Duolingo kurset mitt.

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