About Nynorsk

--norsk Bokmål-- Hei ! Jeg lærer norsk Bokmål nå . Men etter lærer Bokmål jeg planlegger å lærer Nynorsk også . Bør jeg lære Nynorsk etter Bokmål ? Tusen takk og ha en hyggelig dag ! ^^

--English-- Hi ! I'm learning Norwegian Bokmål now . But after learning Bokmål I'm planning to learn Nynorsk too . Should I learn Nynorsk after Bokmål ? Thank you so much and have a good day ! ^^

September 4, 2015


Make sure that your Bokmål is at a good level first before learning Nynorsk. There isn't a big difference between the two, but it's useful to know both, especially in some parts of Norway. Since, Bokmål is more common, learn that properly first before learning Nynorsk.

Good luck! Lykke til!

Jeg vet :D Tusen takk !

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