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Change student account to teacher

I have a teacher who was trying out the app and used her email address as a student. We now want to use it for a class. How do I change her account from student to teacher? I was trying to deactivate the student then re add as a teacher but have been unsuccessful

September 4, 2015

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There is no difference between a "student" and a "teacher" account, so you should still be able to use the previously created account. To access teacher functions you simply have to go to: https://dashboard.duolingo.com/ and log in.

A "teacher" account is pretty much a regular account that other regular accounts choose to share their progress with and allow to have certain controls over (access to forums, word filter, etc).

If you have already set up an account with a classroom that your students have joined, and you want to change the the email address of that account to your previously used email address it is slightly more complicated, although still simple.

Sign in to the "old" account and go to settings ( https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account ), change the email it is it associated with by entering a different email address into the "email" field and saving your changes. This frees up the old email address to be used by a different account. Follow the same steps in the previously established "teacher" account to change the email to the one you want to use.

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