"I wear a jacket and a hat."

Translation:Caithim seaicéad agus hata.

September 4, 2015

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I was searching for "caitheann" and "mé, until I realized the opinions included only "caithim".

Would my reflexive use of verb+mé be a linguistic flag that I am from a particular region, class, or just wordy?

(I have been accused of "beating around the bush" when telling a tale. ☺)


Ulster Irish tends to use analytic present tense verb forms with , but that by itself wouldn’t identify you as an Ulster Irish speaker.


I spelt seaicead wrong are you serious my phone doesn't even have an Irish keyboard for fadas


If you have an Android phone, just press and hold the vowel key and accented letters will appear. Then you can slide your finger to choose the one you need.

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