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I'm trying learn Irish, but haven't audio!

That's right? What I can do? (if possible, answer me in Portuguese, cause I'm brazilian and my English is really bad, yet) sorry if anything is wrong And... Thanks! :)

September 4, 2015



Congratulations for starting to learn Irish.

If you have some money, the book Buntús Cainte has very good audio. You can order it from An Siopa Leabhar or Litríocht. It might be expensive to send it to Brazil.

For inspiration you could listen to Natália Danzmann here, here or here

An Irish-language writer, Alex Hijmans, lives in Brazil. Send him a tweet and he might give you more advice. He speaks fluent Portuguese.


The audio used in the Irish course is a real human. That means not all sentences have audio. But each word is included in at least 1 recording, so you are guaranteed to learn the pronunciation;)


Okay... Thank you!


You're welcome;)


But you're not getting an actual native speaker.


But I don't speak portuguese and she's learning english:)


Do you know if there will ever be audio for all the words in all the questions?


There are problems in the pronunciations of the speaker. She doesn't pronounce everything correctly. Scroll through previous discussions on Duolingo, there have been loads about where to find correct pronunciation and some audio to guide you


How to pronounce some words you can find here: http://www.teanglann.ie/en/fuaim

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