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"Sie hat noch eine Telefonnummer."

Translation:She has another phone number.

October 30, 2013



She still has a telephone number

Is this not an acceptable translation?


I think your sentence would be better translated as sie hat immer noch eine Telefonnummer.


I am using Duolingo nearly four months and yet I didn't know there is a dictionary section.


Where is the dictionary??!!!!


If you're talking about the link in az_p's post, that's not anything to do with Duolingo. It's just a good dictionary.


There's a dictionary??


There are several good, free, online dictionaries. -az_p- posted a link to one: leo.org Here is another: https://www.dict.cc/?s=immer+noch


I think a MOD said that the difference between immer noch and noch is that '"immer noch" is STIILLLLL and "noch" ist just still. You use the first one when you knew that someone was still doing something, but even when you decided to w8, after a while you see that is still doing the same.

I really don´t understand why "She still has a telephone number" is not correct.


Seems correct to me! I guess the meaning depends on intonation (whether it is 'another' or 'still')


It should be accepted. I think you should report it.


It is accepting. 6th Sep 2015.


I think it is. It can be theese two wariants. Good mark.



There was a sentence, a few exercises ago, that went "Sie liest eine andere Zeitung."

The translation for that, was "She is reading another newspaper."

I thought, this one should be "Sie liest noch eine Zeitung.", and then it turned out that the sentence I thought was correct, actually meant "She is still reading a newspaper."

Now, "Sie hat noch eine Telefonnummer." translates to "She has another phone number" here.

What's going on? What's the difference between noch ein and ein anderes?


I would say that eine andere Zeitung carries the emphasis that it's a different newspaper (she doesn't read newspaper A but rather she reads newspaper B instead, or she at least switches from A to B).

However, noch eine Zeitung carries the emphasis that it's yet another, additional newspaper (she reads newspaper A, but also newspaper B).

The ambiguity comes from noch having multiple uses. When you combine it with an indefinite article (noch eine) it means something like "yet another". However you can also combine it with a verb (sie liest noch) to mean "still", as in the action is ongoing ("she's still reading"). Which of these two meanings noch has is likely determined by the context or spoken emphasis (saying noch with a shorter pause between it and the word you're attaching it to).

Ambiguity can be avoided by alternative phrasings, for example immer noch (spoken almost as one word) to mean "still" or eine zusätzliche to mean "an additional".


So it means that:

"Sie hat eine andere Telefonnummer" means "She has another phone number" with the emphasis that it's a completely different number

While "Sie hat noch eine Telefonnummer" means "She has one more phone number" ?


Because of these things I like process of learning a language.


How about "weitere"?


Huh, this one's new to me. Is "noch eine" often used to mean "a different?" If so, it seems like a good phrase to know. I'm just used to noch meaning "still."


Very helpful . thank you.


Why doesn't "She has yet another telephone number" work but "She has another telephone number" does?


"noch" doesn't mean "yet another". It means "yet", or it means "another".


It is now accepted.


Or She has yet another telephone number. So what is the difference between “noch eine” and “eine andere”?


Noch eine means "another" like "in addition to". "Andere" means "different" so "eine andere" means "another" like "a different one". "Sie hat noch eine Telefonnummer" means "She has another telephone number" (like in addition to the one previously known ie a home phone number and another number like a cell phone number), but "sie hat eine andere Telefonnummer" would be more like "She has another telephone number" (like she has changed her number to a different number).


Well! That clears that up nicely. Thank you.


Someone please answer this question?


I'll give this a go. As I understand it, "noch eine" specifically means "another of the same", like, I just had a cookie and now I want another one. "Eine andere" is more like "an alternate", like, I tried on this dress and I don't like it, show me another one.


Danke! This helps.


Does it? Considering this exercise, it seems to me that any "other" telephone number has to be a different number, so if "eine andere" doesn't work here, I don't know why. Sigh.

[deactivated user]

    does noch mean other or another? why do you have to put eine?


    Your two questions kind of answer each other. Noch can mean a lot of things, but "noch eine" specifically means "another".

    Check down under "prepositions" on this page:


    I understand the situation as follows. She has one phone number, which you have written down, and then they say : "Sie hat noch eine Telefonnummer." with the meaning; "she has a second phone number, or a third or a fourth". If i read the english translation : "She has another phone number." then that is a wrong translation because it is saying that her first number is not correct and that you have to write down ANOTHER number. So i translated it as: "she has another phone number as well" . Any thoughts?


    Nope. "She has another telephone number" just means that, besides the one you already have, there is one more - another.


    I have read somewhere that noch may mean just like in noch gut genug. So can this sentence mean "she just has one telefon number?" ? How would you translate this sentence then?


    The thing people keep missing here, is that it's not just "noch", it's "noch eine". Which means "another".


    Why is it that "noch" comes after "hat"?


    Because the verb (hat) needs to be in second position.


    I am endlessly mistaken on the following: --One more telephone number = ein mal tele N. --Just one tele N = nor tele N --Only one tele N = nor tele N I mean, that's my guess. What is it really?


    "She has still another telephone number" is marked incorrect for me, but that means exactly the same thing as the corrected translation it gave me of "She has yet another telephone number"

    "she has still more _" vs. "she has yet more _". mean the same thing.



    If you report it it may be accepted eventually.


    With the emphasis on the word "hat" is the correct translation "she still has phone number"!


    Why was "She has one other phone number" marked wrong?


    Try my 'split verb' mneumonic: Sie hat einenoch Telefonnummer.


    why eine Telefonnummer and not just Telefonnummer ?


    Noch can mean a lot of things, but "noch eine" specifically means "another".

    Check down under "prepositions" on this page: https://dict.leo.org/german-english/noch


    Does that imply that she has several phone numbers as in "she has yet another phone number"?


    I don't believe so. As I understand it, "noch ein" is how you say "another", and that's all that is implied. There is also "noch ein weiterer", which I think is more like "yet another".


    Would Sie hat ein andere Telefonnummer be correct.


    Would "weitere" work here?


    sie hat noch eine telefonnummer :- 1 ) She has a phone number yet 2 ) she still has a phone number Are these wrong ?


    "Noch eine" is idiomatic.......https://context.reverso.net/translation/german-english/noch+eine

    It means "another" or "one more".

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