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  5. "I assemble the desk."

"I assemble the desk."

Translation:Eu monto a mesa.

October 30, 2013



I was under the impression that the correct term for desk was escravaninha rather than mesa which is a more generalised term


An "escravaninha" sounds more like a little slave girl. :-)

When I look up desk in one dictionary I get both "mesa" and "secretária" and in another "secretária" and "escrivaninha" are translated as writing desk.


Thank you Davu. Apologies for the spelling mistake I originally meant to write escrivaninha but was a little too quick on the keyboard :) I guess this is a matter of personal interpretation. I would always associate the word desk with writing whether at work, school or at home.


Sorry, I didn't mean to say you were wrong. Based only on the English translations, I would guess that the difference between them is similar to the difference between these two photos. The writing desk being more likely to be found in the living room at home and a desk found in an office or a home study. The second one looks a bit easier to assemble. Whether this distinction really holds in Portuguese I don't know.

Writing Desk Desk


The left picture (the one with the chair and portrait) is definitely a "escrivaninha". It can also be called a "secretária".

The right picture can be called a "mesa". It might be called escrivaninha, but mainly when it's a personal table in a home office. In company offices you would not hear that word.

For "carteira", these are the pictures:


Take your point entirely Davu. Never quite thought of it in that way but looking again at what the sentence is actually saying I think that you are more correct than I am :)


Oh, I'm not so sure. Anyway, with your contribution this thread has unearthed several words for desk: mesa, secretária, carteira, escrivaninha and finally the no longer used escritório. The only one without an alternative meaning seems to be escrivaninha. :-)


So does escritorio mean the piece of furniture that is a desk too? Could I have "eu monto o escritorio"? Or does escritorio only mean desk in the more abstract sense of working spot within an open office?


Don't mix with Spanish. In Portuguese, escritório = office, not a table at all.


Well, it may have meant "desk" once upon a time in both Brazil: http://www.aulete.com.br/escrit%C3%B3rio and Portugal: http://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/escrit%C3%B3rio.


Interesting. It is no longer used in Brazil and I never heard that before =). Actually, when you take Spanish classes in Brazil, that is the kind of thing which is highlighted! :-)


Paulenrique, duo had "mesa de escritório" in their hints so I used it and got it wrong. Is it wrong?


It is not wrong. It´s just not common.


Isn't "mesa" table? Not "desk"?


Both! But desk can also mean carteira.


Why do you need to say "Eu monto a mesa" and not just "Monto a mesa"?


You can say both.


Since when does 'mesa' mean 'desk' and not 'table'?


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