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"Jeg hørte støjen komme fra køkkenet."

Translation:I heard the noise come from the kitchen.

September 4, 2015



Måske en mus der spiser vores ost på bordet.


Shouldn't it be "kommer", when we are using the present tense?


Not quite. If you said "Jeg hørte, støjen kommer fra køkkenet." that would mean something more like "I heard that the noise comes from the kitchen." In this case, what you're hearing is "the noise coming from the kitchen" without a finite verb. In this case you use the infinitive. You can compare it with other sentences with sense verbs, like "I see the stars shine in the sky."


I see. Many thanks for your answer, it totally makes sense!


Would it be correct to say, 'Jeg hørte støjen, der kommer fra køkkenet' ?


I had also wondered about this. I may be wrong, but I think this would have a different sense because the tense is changed here. Your suggestion would seem to translate to "I heard the noise, that comes from the kitchen" rather than "I heard the noise, that came from the kitchen".


"Jeg hørte støjen, der kommer fra køkkenet" would be "I heard the noise that comes from that comes from the kitchen". So it wouldn't be wrong, it's just not the right translation in this case.


Yes, thanks. Well explained!


I think we've all seen enough horror movies to know where this is going...


Wouldn't this be the noise "coming from the kitchen"?


I wrote "I heard noise coming from the kitchen". In US English you wouldn't say "the" noise in this way unless you were talking about a specific sound. Noise is noise, we don't specify it as "the" noise. But maybe it is said that way in other English speaking counties.


It is a specific sound here. :)


As RyagonIV said, they are referring to a specific noise here. That's why they write STØJEN (the noise instead of EN STØJ (a noise)


I am also puzzled by the tense of "come". Not present since it would be "comes". Then what?

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