"The juice is yours."

Translation:Il succo è il tuo.

January 3, 2013

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I don't believe the use of third person "suo" as yours (formal) has been introduced yet. So, how would we know it could be a correct translation. Also, isn't the formal "Suo" usually capitalized?


Here is an interesting response to that question I found online, the person writing the article seems to be legitimately knowledgeable:


It seems that although Lei and Loro are capitalized when used formally, their respective possessive pronouns are usually not.


why not "è il tuo zucco"


Because the sentence is "The juice is yours" and not "It's your juice".


Does it matter.....isn't the result the same......it's your juice or the juice is yours sound like the same thing to me. This section is killing me!


It matters, even though the English meaning is the same, because they are trying to make us understand the grammar of the sentence. They want us to know sentence construction, so we need to translate literally, even if the meaning is the same in a different construction.


So, why "Il succo è il tuo." but not "La spremuta è la tua." Why skip the second la?

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