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  5. "Ár gcuid luch."

"Ár gcuid luch."

Translation:Our share of mice.

September 4, 2015



I like to give my share of mice to anyone that wants them


The cats have formed a co-operative hunting arrangement, and so they need this phrase.


I was thinking irish speaking boaconstrictors, but then I remembered that St Pat drove the snakes out of Ireland....

Is it really true that Ireland doesn't have snakes?


Do all plural things that are owned need to be referred to as one's share of that thing?


Pretty much anything in the plural, yes.


I am confused by "luch" being in singular yet identified as plural but not spelled "lucha", why is this?


Besides being nominative singular, "luch" is also genitive plural, meaning "of mice." Is there a lesson on the genitive somewhere on Duolingo?


There's something about it in the tips and notes section. luch is second declension, by the way, and its singular genitive is luiche.


oh my god ... this language is breaking my head :-) but ... okay ... I'm a glutton for punishment, I won't give up.


I was actually hoping that there was a lesson on weak and strong plurals, which would make it easier for people to understand the formation of genitive plurals. I skipped a lot of these lessons, so I'm not really aware of what grammar lessons--if any--Duolingo provides.


I really like this sentence


Well, Duo IS an owl... maybe he's just hungry.


Hey, I raised a barn owl (I'm an owl biologist. Seriously), and I had to kill 28,000 mice for him to eat over his 19 year life. I was always looking for resources for mice! I gcónaí.

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