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"Я люблю капусту, але це не капуста."

Translation:I like cabbage, but this is not cabbage.

September 4, 2015



It's interesting to see how the same word can quickly change case in a sentence. Easy to think about when reading but harder to remember when actually speaking. That's why, as a native English speaker I find Ukrainian to be challenging yet still fun to learn.


I feel the same GeneM. Plus it's such a rich and beautiful language!


Is капуста also used to mean "sauerkraut?"


"Sauerkraut" would be "кисла капуста" (or "квашена капуста"). http://relax.ua/menu/sauerkraut/lang/ua


Thank you. The webpage link is fitting because I actually make my own batches of sauerkraut just as shown in the instructions.


Does the translation imply a single head of cabbage, or the material in front of me is not cabbage. The difference is "countability." Its not clear to me here since the translation above is different than what is shown in the exercise as the answer. Thanks.


I wrote "this isn't" and put it wrong


When someone is offering you some shіtty cabbage.

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